Between Two Rivers is a remarkable attempt to resuscitate Cairo; to unveil its dark past and shed light upon its uncertain present. Throws into sharp relief a powerful history, thanks only to the compelling wit, curiosity and insight of its makers. Visually mesmerizing.
★★★★★ Pulp

Captivating….identifies the history of racism in the area without being exploitative....The Southern Illinois landscape, strikingly captured by Cartwright and Jordan's cinematography….an adeptness at weaving the stories together at a crucial, historical pressure point, smack dab in the middle of America. ★★★★★ Ecstatic Film

The documentary succeeds admirably....The core visuals of the film are beautifully composed....A compelling watch that I would easily recommend due to its even handed approach, strong presentation and open, heartfelt interviews. ★★★★ Blueprint

A well-rounded portrait that avoids exploitation....The film succeeds well on an aesthetic level, with beautifully composed, self-shot visuals....With its strong, engrossing presentation, the documentary is particularly poignant in a current time of huge financial crisis and uprisings regarding social injustice. Reel Time

Stunning….incredibly well shot. The attention to detail and to quiet, unspectacular moments and angles is continually striking. "Between Two Rivers" is hauntingly beautiful.  It all hangs together and the slowly rising water provides a nice thru-thread. I particularly liked the pace of the film; unhurried but kind of inexorable….A nuanced look at an American subject…a wonderful film.
- Ralph Arlyck, director of Following Sean

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