Between Two Rivers features an original music score composed & performed by multi-instrumentalist Kurt Tietz.

Recorded at Sunrise Studios, in Cape Girardieu, Missouri (30 miles north of Cairo, IL) Tietz has created a compelling, lyrical and atmospheric score; utilizing cello, violin, double-bass, acoustic/slide guitar, piano, percussion and harmonica. Combining atonal sounds and more pronounced melodies, Tietz composed the score while viewing edited scenes from the film, as well as responding to specific suggestions or thematic ideas from the film-makers.

Kurt Tietz also performs with southern Illinois bluegrass band Old Santa Fe.

Cairo Adagio, theme from Between Two Rivers, Kurt Tietz, 2011

Between Two Rivers excerpt: lynchings. Music: Kurt Tietz, narration: Robert Streit

The news articles and historic texts in Between Two Rivers are read by Robert Streit, an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker based in southern Illinois. Streit recently completed directing a documentary, Confidence Man.